Ariel lanyi is awarded the 2023 prix serdang

Ariel Lanyi was chosen by a panel chaired by Rudolf Buchbinder to be awarded the prestigious Prix Serdang, a prize of 50,000 CHF given to a young pianist. Rudolf Buchbinder was particularly impressed by his performance of Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier” sonata, and said the following:

Ariel is at a crucial point in his career. I got to know him as a serious young man who strikes me as very mature and authentic. I am convinced that the ‘Prix Serdang’ can give him an important impetus”

“Were every young pianist as intensely musical, intellectually probative, fastidiously prepared and well focused as Ariel Lanyi, the world of classical music would be in deep trouble. Fortunately for the savvy listener, Mr. Lanyi’s authority, which belies his age, takes no prisoners as he expertly leads us on a no-nonsense artistic journey as satisfying as it is substantive. There is nothing in the least superficial about Mr. Lanyi’s always thoughtful music making, which speaks volumes for the artist he is and continues to blossom into. He brings to his wide repertoire a remarkable seriousness of purpose that demonstrates uncommonly astute judgment and maturity, qualities that will serve him well for the long and prosperous career that certainly awaits him.”

– John Bell Young, pianist, recording artist, music  critic for the
American Record Guide, Clavier, and the St Petersburg Times

“This special talent is based on two qualities: innate intelligence and a sense of flawless rhythm. He has that specific combination of brain and heart.”

– Rudy Tambuyser, Cultuurpakt

“It came as a refreshing change to hear a pianist such as Ariel Lanyi who not only listened to himself but could make the piano speak in a way that is very rare these days.”

– Christopher Axworthy, The Keyboard Charitable Trust

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