It’s May 2020 and all activities have been brought to a halt. As of now, all forthcoming concerts have been either postponed or cancelled, a recording project I have been preparing for in great anticipation has also been put off, and I am resisting listlessness and loneliness by learning new repertoire without knowing when exactly I will get to perform it. 

Out of this vacuum of activity, I decided to return to an idea that has been lingering in the back of my mind for a while: writing about music in an organized manner. 

I have always been fascinated with texts about music, as indeed some of the deepest insights I have ever received came from writing by great musicians aimed at the wider public, but making points about music that are enormously relevant to performers. 

This brings back memories of working with Leon Fleisher, who greatly encouraged students to put musical thoughts into words, as he rightly believed that it sharpens and clarifies ideas. 

But above all, the motivation for this blog is simply the thrill and joy of writing and of music. Ultimately, the form of the blog will evolve over time, but as of now, I aim to post an entry every Sunday evening. I am enormously excited to set out on this venture, and I hope you will join me in it.